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Running a business can require a great deal of electricity. The result can be very expensive electric bills. One thing that a business can do to lower these electric bills is to choose one of the new Energy Service Companies (ESCOs) that are currently offering electricity to businesses at lower prices than they are currently paying with Con Edison. They have this option with PowerYourWay for business from Con Edison.

Who Are the ESCOs?

With the PowerYourWay option, business owners will be able to find a company that can offer them cheap electricity. Con Edison, the company that delivers energy to businesses continues to do so. What the businesses are choosing is a supplier that can help them save on energy bills. These suppliers are the ESCOs mentioned above.

How Businesses Lower Their Electric Bills

With several ESCOs to choose from, business owners have the advantage because they can compare electricity rates that one supplier will charge against another. Once they have determined the company that has the best rates for them, they can feel free to switch their services from one company to the other.

How to Choose the Supplier with the Most Advantageous Rates

Several things go into setting the rates that a company charges its customers. The price can depend on the type of business that is seeking to save on energy bills. Some clients qualify for different discounts. These suppliers will also write up different terms in their contracts. One company´s payment options will be better for one company than another, and some companies have energy management programs geared toward one type of business over another. These are some of the questions that business owners will want to keep in mind when they are thinking, I would like to save on my electric bill.

The Process of Choosing an ESCO

Any business owner who has thought, "I would like to save on my electric bill," will have a rather simple procedure to follow in order to do this. First, they need to call the ESCOs and ask for a quote. Then, they will compare electricity rates they have received. After they have determined which company gave them the best quote for cheap electricity, they can opt to purchase it from that company. Deciding to switch electric energy suppliers couldn´t be easier.

They Are Still Customers of the utility company

Businesses that are happy with the service of their utility provides in delivering their electricity and natural gas will not lose it after they have chosen an ESCO. If they experience any issues, they will be able to address them as they had before they chose an ESCO. They will call the utility provider, and the company will send someone to fix the issue for them. They will receive the same service as always.

Why Choose Advanced Energy Group?

We provides customers with the tools to easily find, compare and order competitive energy services. Whether for the home or office, we are one-stop-shop destination connecting customers to a select group of pre-qualified energy suppliers.

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