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Save On Energy

Start saving money on your electricity bill

  1. Turn off your computer when not in use, or use theenergy-saving “sleep” mode.
  2. Buymajor appliances that sport the “Energy Star” sticker. That shows theappliance meets or exceeds standards set by the U.S. Department of Energy and

    the Environmental Protection Agency.

  3. Use a programmable thermostatwith your heating system to automatically lower the temperature at night orwhen no one is home.
  4. If you have a window airconditioning unit, remove it for the winter months to prevent heat fromescaping through and around the unit. If it can’t be removed, buy a cover to

    prevent drafts.

  5. Use energy-efficient compact fluorescent bulbs—especiallyin fixtures that operate more than two hours a day. They cost more initiallybut use 75 percent less electricity and last about ten times longer than

    incandescent bulbs.

  6. Use task lightingto target work and leisureactivities. This lets you reduce your overall room lighting levels.
  7. Use a timer. Set the plug-in timer to turn off the airconditioner when you leave home and to turn it on just before you return.
  8. Your choice is important! Energy supply costs account forabout 60% of your utility bill. The rest (transportation or delivery costs)will still be provided by your local utility.
  9. Switch your supplier enroll in the fixed price rate and savemoney. To get a free quote and learn more check www.energysavingelectricity.com
  10. Clean or replace air filters. Replace filters on exhausthoods, humidifiers, vacuums, etc. Clogged filters impair performance and causethe units to run longer.


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Energy is vital to people. It provides a number of conveniences to modern living. We need energy to power household appliances and the lights. It facilitates our work and makes everything run smoothly. The rising need for energy also means rising energy costs. It is important to save on energy to lower these costs. More importantly, when you save energy, you also save the environment. Since energy saving is the main thrusts of people now, it is important to do your part and look for ways on how to save on electricity also.

One great way to save on energy is to exercise your power to choose your own energy supplier. If you are in state that is deregulated, this means you have the ability to choose your own power supplier. Look for energy suppliers that offer competitive rates on electricity and natural gas. Suppliers provide a wide range of discounts to their customers. This will depend, of course, on the service you utilize. It is a good idea to compare the price of each energy and gas supplier available. This way, you can determine how much money you save by switching to another supplier.

One advantage of choosing your own electricity and gas supplier is you will enjoy a fixed monthly rate through their price protected program. The price protection plan can help stabilize your rate amidst the volatility of the energy supply market. This means that even if the energy prices increase, the price you pay remains the same.

There are a number of factors that could determine the amount you pay for electricity. The supply-demand ratio is one of them. As the demand increases for electricity supply, naturally prices also increase. The opposite is true, if demand reduces, the price reduces also. Other factors that can affect the power consumption are weather, supply issues and new technologies. Each of these factors can affect the consumer. For instance, if power supply reduces, the price will increase.

With price protection program, the consumer is protected from the uncertainties of the gas and energy markets. The electricity and gas supplier usually purchase the electricity supplies ahead of time. This enables them to provide a lock in rate to their consumers and pass on the savings to them. On the part of the consumer, this provides protection from the volatile energy market and ability to control expenses month to month. The customer is able to avoid price fluctuations. They are able to manage their budget better because they know that the gas and electricity monthly payments will remain the same according to the terms of contract agreement. To get a free quote on monthly payments, you can visit  our website

Another effective means that a customer can save on my gas bills is to use less of the electricity and gas. There are various means of decreasing energy usage. Basically, there are two ways to lessen gas and energy use. One is to make the house more energy efficient. Another is to practice some energy efficient procedures.

A great way to make your house more energy efficient is to utilize wind or solar power. Using solar or wind power at home can effectively decrease your power consumption. Making use of solar panels to harness the energy from the sun can help reduce electricity consumption. Since the sun or wind is a limitless natural resource, you can be sure that you will always have electricity supply at your disposal. Using the solar or wind technologies can cut power consumption by 40 percent in households. This could translate to huge money savings every month for your family. The only expense you need to put up is during the installation of these devices. These technologies such as the photovoltaic solar technology often run without needing much maintenance for 25 years.

Another way to save energy costs is to buy energy saving equipments and light bulbs at home. Insulating the home and using double glazed windows can also help reduce energy consumption.

Practicing energy efficient routines can also greatly help. Turning off lights or appliances when you do not need them is one way. Also, do not do your reading at night time. Do it in the morning so you do not need to use lights. Turning the thermostat down by at least 1 degree can greatly help with energy efficiency also.
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